Glitty Products

  • Are Glitty covers made from real wood, stone and leather?

    Yes! Our wood covers for MacBook and iPad are laser cut from an ultra-thin layer of real wood, while our cases for iPhone are carved out of a single piece of real wood. Our stone covers are made from a very thin stone that is peeled from a large slab of real stone. These are flexible, and super...
  • Does the Glitty cover offer any protection for my MacBook?

    Glitty covers are made from a very thin piece of wood, a very thin sheet of stone, or leather that sticks to your MacBook using 3M technology. This will protect your MacBook from scratches and scrapes, but does not offer any drop or shock protection.
  • How do I install my Glitty cover?

    Before you start, ensure that the surface of your MacBook is clean and dry. Trapped dust, dirt or liquid will have a negative impact on how well your cover sticks and its longevity. Before removing the backing of the adhesive, lay your Glitty cover for MacBook or iPad on top of your device to e...
  • How do I select the right cover for my MacBook?

    First you need to know what model of MacBook you have. From your MacBook Choose Apple menu > About This Mac. This will tell you the model, size and approximate date of manufacture of your MacBook. We currently sell covers in 7 distinct sizes: Glitty for Macbook Pro Retina - available in 13" ...
  • I have a unique request, can you customize my Glitty cover?

    Absolutely. We want you to love your Glitty cover. Reach out to us at or through any of our social channels and we can discuss your custom order.
  • Is it possible to reuse my MacBook cover on another device?

    Glitty wood covers for MacBook and iPad are not intended to be detached and reused on other devices. Most likely the wood will break as you take off your MacBook. Although intended for one time use, Glitty leather and Glitty stone covers are more flexible than wood. If you are careful you should ...
  • What kind of adhesive do Glitty covers use?

    Glitty covers for MacBook and iPad use 3M adhesive technology designed to stick perfectly to your device, and also to come off clean & without residue when you decide to remove your cover.